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The OBR Celebrates March 8, 2015 at the Rhythm of a Humanitarian Activity PDF Print E-mail

It is a touching gesture that marked the celebration of International Women's Day at the OBR. The management gave a budget to women it employs for a glass in honor of the day. Instead of celebrating between themeselves, they chose to save a life, that of Stéphie Iconayisavye, a 3 years and 4 months old girl with severe heart disease by yielding the sum to serve as a ticket to France where she is to receive special treatment.


On the hospital bed, Stéphie Iconayisavye’s parents receive the check

The child had spent more than 6 months in bed at University Hospital of Kamenge. The diagnosis was established, but the medical body of the hospital was helpless to the disease severity. A transfer abroad was necessary. There was already a promise of support once in France, but the ticket was still lacking. The alarm was launched; the women of the OBR were strongly heartfelt.

It is the Commissioner of Domestic Taxes and Non Tax Revenue in the OBR, Mrs. Chantal Ruvakubusa who, heading a small delegation, went to hand the check of 3 million Burundi francs to the child's family on March 13, 2015. “We are also parents, we have sensitive hearts. We felt touched by this life in danger. And we said we could do something. We hope that this action will save her life”, said Mrs. Ruvakubusa.

The joy was at its height in Ngedakumanas, the child's family. "We are very happy; we thank the women of the OBR. God bless them in their activities ", Mrs. Annick Nzeyimana, mother of the child said with a smile, upon receipt of the check.


Stephie's mother expressing her joy

The medical body of Kamenge University Hospital let out a sigh of relief: "When you're a doctor, there is no more painful thing than when you are powerless in front of a threatened to death human life. Many thanks to these OBR’s ladies, many thanks to the OBR ", said Mr. Leonard Bivahagumye, Deputy Director in charge of care CHUK who took the opportunity to call other benefactors to make this kind of intervention as needy cases are still many in his hospital.


The Delegation of the OBR poses with the child's mother at the University Hospital

Now that the funds for the ticket are available, the departure to France is scheduled for April 7, 2015.