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Celebration Of International Customs Day In The Rhythm Of Innovations In Burundi PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 17 February 2015 15:08

DCGThe OBR in Bujumbura celebrated the 3rd edition of the International Customs Day in Burundi on 11th February 2015. The theme of this year was "Coordinated Border Management: A participatory approach for all stakeholders".

The celebration of this day in Burundi coincides with major innovations for trade facilitation namely (1) operationalization of the concept of Single Customs Territory enabling Burundian economic operators to make the declarations of their goods at the first point of entry into the East African Community, (2) the establishment of a joint committee consisting of representatives of the Customs and those of Customs agencies, to discuss all practical procedures and deal with any dispute related to the implementation of the regulations during the clearance processes, (3)the electronic cargo tracking thanks to installable seals on the trucks in transit as well as the use of scanners for electronic cargo inspections and (4) the translation into Kirundi of some articles of the most frequently used by taxpayers laws.

According to Mr. Edmond Bizabigomba, Deputy Commissioner General of the OBR who represented the Commissioner General, “the coordinated border management allows in particular to reduce the cost of transportation and waiting time, to lower the costs of infrastructure improvements, to ensure wider dissemination of information, and finally to strengthen ties between all actors at the border".

The President of the Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burundi (CFCIB) Mr. Econie Nijimbere acknowledged the government's efforts in trade facilitation and spoke about the challenges that lie ahead for Burundi to make further advances in improving its performance indicators. He emphasized among other things "the need to computerize all borders and to provide them with infrastructures that can accommodate all the administrations involved in clearance procedures."

Several partners attended to the ceremonies. Among these were TMEA and IMF Country Representatives in Burundi, those of different Burundi’s ministries and senior executives of the OBR.


View of the participants in the ceremonies