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OBR staff provides support to victim women traders of the fire that burnt down the central market in Bujumbura

Check presentationNovember 25, 2013

Specifically, the OBR staff felt concerned by the tragedy that struck traders operating in the central market of Bujumbura during the devastating fire that occurred January 27, 2013 and contributed to gather a sum of 8.4 million BIF. The check presentation took place Friday, 22 November 2013.

There was only the need to find a practical way to help and the choice fell on women traders whom business analysts in Burundi unanimously affirm they are the most vulnerable category in cases of disasters.

"Uburundi Bwacu” Association was a routing channel for that aid because this organization was very active to collect funds from various companies and individuals to provide a guarantee fund housed in three microfinance institutions namely CCM, WISE and KAZOZA FINANCE.

According to the President of the Association "Uburundi Bwacu" who received the check, the three microfinances institutions grouped the victims of the fire into secured loans according to social background and geographical proximity. Over 97 solidarity groups and 612 people have already benefited from the loans according to the President of the association.

The Commissioner General of the OBR thanked the staff who triggered a chain of solidarity immediately after being informed of the tragedy of the fire and recalled that the OBR is often involved in concrete actions to support social communities and this enters in its communication plan with its social environment, added Mr. Kieran Holmes.