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OBR Commissioner General

Kieran Holmes is the Commissioner General of the OBR.

Kieran is an honours graduate in Economics from Trinity College Dublin. He joined the Irish Revenue Commissioners upon graduation in 1977. He took the revenue exams in taxation and accounting and was promoted to Inspector of Taxes, Higher Grade upon receiving a Commission from the Minister of Finance.
Kieran began his overseas career in 1984, taking charge of the revenue department in the Ministry of Finance of Kiribati. He reformed the tax system of Kiribati setting up a revenue authority, assisting with the redrafting of fiscal legislation and the negotiation of a double taxation agreement with Australia. He has since managed major revenue reform projects in Lesotho, Swaziland, Yemen and Rwanda with other consulting assignments in Jordan, Botswana and Ghana.  He took over as Commissioner General of the OBR in June 2010.
Kieran has worked for or consulted with DFID, the IMF, the EU, the World Bank and the UN. He has over 30 years’ experience in the modernisation of revenue systems, the establishment of revenue authorities, legislative and organisational reform and the negotiation of double taxation agreements. He is currently employed by TradeMark East Africa as part of its programme of support to the OBR.