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About OBR
OBR establishment background

All tax and customs administrations are reformed for two essential aims: To better serve taxpayers / partners and improve the tax and customs revenues to the Public Revenue Department. It is in this context that OBR was created. The creation of OBR is also a reform that is consistent with the policy of economic integration within the East African Community (EAC).Office Burundais des Recettes (OBR) in acronym is a semi-autonomous public revenue collection institution, created by Law No. 1 / 11 of July 14, 2009.The overall goal of establishing this institution is to reduce poverty through an improved public revenue collection and an improved business environment in Burundi as well. Office Burundais des Recettes is therefore a new institution created to inaugurate an era of modern and professional tax and customs administration in Burundi.

OBR Mission
Maximizing tax compliance through quality service.
OBR Vision
Being a modern tax administration contributing to the development of Burundi and its economic integration within the regional and global economy.
OBR key features

1. Independence vis-à-vis the political intervention in taxpayers business;

2. Semi-autonomous social structure (OBR will be empowered to hire and fire his staff and can sue and be sued;

3. Solid anti-corruption value system supported by a code of ethics that all staff must comply with;

4. Clear separation between tax policy and administration of contributions, adequate funding, supported by strong financial controls;

5. More rigorous regime for the staff, balanced by better incentives generating better organizational and individual performances;6. Improved mechanisms for sharing information between local tax offices.

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